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Nathan Upchurch

About this website, and the person who made it. #

My name is Nathan. I'm a prolific vegan home cook, classical trombonist, a FLOSS enthusiast, daily GNU/Linux user and unabashed KDE stan, speaker of subpar elementary Spanish, incense appreciator, writer, electronics hobbyist, designer, programmer, music producer, print lover, and human with too many interests and too little time.

This is my personal website and blog, a little corner of the internet where I can talk about whatever I like without worrying about maintaining a 'personal brand,' or constraining subject matter to those topics which might help advance my career or establish me as a 'thought leader' should I choose to write about them. I'm here to express myself as a human and have fun writing about topics I enjoy. If you'd like to learn more about my professional accomplishments and work, I'll link my professional website here soon.


If you would like to say something nice, ask a question, or simply follow me on the fediverse, here's where you can find me.

Privacy / Technical

This website is made with 11ty, Manrope, Playfair Display, and plain-old HTML & CSS. I don't collect any of your personal information, full-stop. All webfonts, icons, and images are hosted locally (these things can sometimes be used to track people across the internet). I use umami, an open source, privacy-respecting analytics tool, to see how many people visit this website. Miss when the internet was fun? Find more interesting personal blogs at, or