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Nathan Upchurch

How to use feeds. #

Get all the latest content from your favorite creators with no algorithm, no spam, and no spying. This page is based on Matt Webb's About Feeds.

A screenshot of the akregator newsreader showing lists of feed categories in a left sidebar, an inbox full of posts from feeds, and a post display window - much like a desktop email client.
Akregator, the newsreader I use on my desktop, showing a list of posts from feeds I've subscribed to.

What is a feed? #

Why use feeds? #

How do I get a newsreader app? #

To subscribe to feeds, you'll need a newsreader app. Once you've subscribed to a feed, your newsreader will check it regularly and show you the latest in an inbox, a bit like email.

There are many different newsreader apps to choose from. Below are a few you could try; find more by searching "RSS Feed Reader" on the internet, or in the app store on your device.[1]

It doesn't matter which you choose; newsreaders usually make it fairly easy to export your list of subscriptions and move them to another app in the future.

How do I use my new newsreader app to subscribe to a feed? #

A screenshot of the akregator newsreader with an "add feed dialog" visible.
Adding a feed to my newsreader.
  1. Get the Feed URL. To get this, go to the website you want to subscribe to and find that RSS link or the feed icon. Then...

    • On desktop, right click on the link and choose "Copy Link Address" or similar.
    • On mobile, tap and hold the link until a menu comes up. Choose "Copy Link" or similar.
  2. Add the URL to your newsreader; go to your newsreader app and look for something like "Subscribe," "Add Web Feed," or maybe you'll just see a "+" icon. Once you've found this, paste in the feed URL and you're done!

What next? #

  1. Please note that I haven't tested all of these options personally; your mileage may vary. ↩ī¸Ž